For a Few Gold Pieces More

“Never take the antidote before the poison.”

aka wasn't there a guy in the hold?

The group goes over what they have learned in the privacy of their cabin. Selene stirs when her name is mentioned but does not wake during the discussion. They talk about who could have access to the poison but come to no definitive conclusions. The band goes about their routine, with Vincenz again seeming to use a spell to gain access to Tomas’ quarters. Vincez comes out and reports seeing a latch in the floor, probably leading to the hold.

The party decides to plant someone in the hold, to set a trap for whomever checks on the poison. After some haggling for more of the pirate gold coins, Logan agrees to go in. He goes in with Thaddeus and takes a position, hiding behind a roll of carpeting.

Meanwhile tensions continue to rise on the deck. Worse, the wind slows, eventually coming to a stop. The PC’s get back to their routine trying to help out where they can. But everyone can’t ignore the ship still looming on the horizon. The atmosphere is tense and unsettled.

Mel hearing from Thaddeus about the writing in the side of Peden’s family journal, questions Sythe. He asks her if she has made any progress, and she says ‘no,’ but seems flustered. Sythe hurries off to her position in the crow’s nest so Mel uses the opportunity to check her belongings. He doesn’t find the journal, but reasons she has it hidden upon her person.

So a day and a half goes by.

Things continue as is.

Finally, Peden asks about checking on Logan. Thaddeus assures him that the rogue is alright, but Mel goes down to check. The halfling re-enters the hold to look for Logan. He calls his name, yet can neither see nor hear him. Mel goes to get Thaddeus and together they return.

Logan’s body is where he last hid, his face/eyes showing signs of being poisoned. A plate of half-eaten food and some dried vomit lie nearby.

{30 XP each for attempting a goal Minor Part Goal of EASY}



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