For a Few Gold Pieces More

Guh-guh-guh-ghost Ship!

aka, Dead men do tell tales.

Captain Huxley orders the Albers to close with the listless vessel and be brought alongside for boarding. Drifting in the fog, with “her main mast’s sails and riggings disturbingly absent,” there was no apparent activity on the deck. Albers wanted the swordhands (PCs) to investigate and are sent as the boarding party, to search for survivors. And a possible salvage claim. Huxley maneuvers the Albers so a gangplank is raised to bridge both ships.

With Thaddeus in the lead, the PCs plus Peden traverse the plank. A quick-moving Mel catches Peden before he falls, but some torches get dropped. Once everyone is fully over, the group moves slowly over the slippery deck, which is “caked with wet sea scum.” The front of the ship is checked, but holds little than debris and dripping water. Near the mast, thick chains and a rusted lock bar the trap door to the hold. The band decides to explore what they believe to be the captain’s quarters at the rear of the ship.

Thaddeus pulls open the door, not noticing the unnatural bulge, as if “some great pressure was being exerted upon it on the other side.” A stacked pile of rounded stones comes spilling out onto the main deck. Thaddeus is briefly struck in his leg, Mel deftly avoids the mass, and after rolling past, “a few stones embed themselves in the rotted deck. A few others continue rolling until they take out the railing closest to the Albers. This brings some surprised cries, but fortunately the ship itself is not struck.”

Thaddeus peaks into the now-opened door, spying a figure lounging in a chair. The group enters the room to find a skeletal figure propped up, “a rotted jacket of the old style lies in tatters on his frame. A decayed crossbow assembly rests dusty by his side.” Thaddeus examines the body, while Logan checks the “old rotted frame of a bed.” The dwarf finds a soaking book under the crossbow and “an antiquated bronze gadget,” both of which he hands to Syeth. The elf recognizes the device as a compass, and that as an antique it might be worth something. (Thaddeus thinks its worth zilch) Logan turns up nothing after checking the bed. The book itself is something else, however…

Branded into the interior of the ruined leather cover was the following inscription: ‘Captain Orlando of the Sea Maiden, Worthy Vessel of the Merchant Alliance.’ Opening the journal released a damp, rotted odor. And while most of the early portions were destroyed by salt water, there were 6 readable entries in the waterlogged book that detailed the final days of the Sea Maiden.

A hidden compartment behind the frayed map conceals a strongbox with an audible ‘clink’ of coins. {MINOR PARTY GOAL OF EASY 30 XP for finding the various clues and a LIGHT PARTY GOAL OF 20 XP for KEEPING Peden alive}


I love the title :) It makes me think of Scooby-Doo style hilarity with a party of adventurers scurrying around the ship being chased by dudes in white sheets.

Guh-guh-guh-ghost Ship!

{touches fingertip to nose}

That was what I was going for, title-wise. When I had read the initial description of the Sea Maiden the previous session, and then ended the night, a player immediately responded, “Ghost Ship huh?”

Guh-guh-guh-ghost Ship!

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