For a Few Gold Pieces More

"I don't get mad, I get stabby."

aka the mess in the mess

Down in the hold, the party comes up with the idea to report Logan’s death to the captain, albeit without saying the whole truth. The plan is explain away Logan’s being in the hold as his exploring on his own and also get his permission to be there in the first place. They go report this version to Huxley, who seemingly has completely given up all hope and does not care. They try to get Captain Huxley to come out of his quarters, but he is drunk and depressed, so they leave with his permission to dump Logan’s corpse overboard.

While moving Logan, Thaddeus spies a peculiar shape on the floor. It appears to have been made from an unsavory combination of dried blood and vomit. He finds the shape interesting, but keeps this knowledge to himself.

They are able to give their companion a burial at sea, then resume the swordhand duties. While the group is in the mess, they are accosted by Wendt, the unsavory cook. He and Thaddeus exchange words- with the dwarf saying that he has essentially commandeered the area to re-unnite the crew. Wendt calls for Ox. Ox appears, closes the door and a melee erupts. Mel fends off a punching Ox, while Thaddeus is repeatedly stabbed by Wendt’s cooking knife. The confines of the mess make movement tricky, and Thaddeus has problems rising up for combat. Ox meanwhile displays a surprising agility, leaping up onto the table and exchanging more blows with Mel, who retreats into a defensive stance. Thaddeus does thack Ox in the back of the leg. Thaddeus unfortunately is stabbed repeatedly in the left arm by Wendt but luckily also manages to narrowly avoid several more deadly swipes. Vincenz offer to ‘burn them’ but is told to hold off.

Thaddeus responds by ENLARGING himself, destroying the table and knocking Ox and Mel off in the process. Wendt promptly shanks the dwarf in the left leg, severely injuring him, and dropping him to the ground.

Peden climbs over between them, giving Thaddeus one of the potions from his father’s hidden compartment in the inn, and the dwarf regains consciousness. Mel meanwhile has talked a groaning Ox into surrendering. Peden slices Wendt in the chest with his short sword, and the cook drops.

The band narrowly survives a close-quarters combat in the ship’s mess. {HARD MINOR PARTY Goal for this, 100 XP each}

They report the fracas to the Captain, who is emboldened by their actions. He orders Wendt thrown overboard and everyone to prepare to fight for their lives.


A tough battle given the confines of the situation, and some bad Defense Rolls by the PCs.

"I don't get mad, I get stabby."

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