For a Few Gold Pieces More

Into the Maiden's Belly

aka Do you REALLY want to go down into the dark, death-smelling water?

The hatch to the hold is bound with a chain and lock, although Logan can tell the way the links are placed it was set more to keep the hatch barred from opening outward. That is, not to keep people out of the hold but to keep something in…

Mel offers to explore the watery hold. Lowering a torch and himself into the darkened space he sees some bodies. The torch goes out, Mel panics, and frantically tries to get out. The water is murky and the halfling’s fear quickly gives rise to terror. He begins desperately moving back and forth hoping for an exit. Thaddeus climbs down to help but isn’t able to offer much comfort. Mel is finally taken out only to find Logan unconscious- apparently having sprung a trap on the strongbox. Thaddeus carries him across the gangplank and the group retreats to The Albers. {MEDIUM PARTY GOAL OF 50 XP for this}

Once there, Thaddeus calls upon divine aid to purify a barrel of water. This water seems to rinse clean not only the stink but the taint as well. Syeth reads the 6 legible passages from the Maiden’s Log out to the party. And come to learn that its captain had locked his crew in the hold because they were behaving dangerously.

{HARD MINOR GOAL OF 100 XP for this}

The party then begins a much-needed rest.



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