For a Few Gold Pieces More

Isn't it supposed to be half the fun?

aka, Its not the destination, its the journey.

Elle’s is notable for being in other cities thanks to the success of its menu. And the raspberry paste cakes, when they’re in season. So with some brief introductions, Thaddeus the Dwarf leads Mel the halfling and the female Sythe through the streets. After going over two bridges to get to the island he believes Elle’s is on, (and ignoring the apparent temptation of the Bloodthirsty Pelican along the way) Thaddeus comes to be unsure of where the place actually is. Offering free drinks to a passer by enlists his aid as a guide, so they turn down Bait street and start heading up.

A pair of tough-looking men is approaching with weapons out from up the road; one has two swords the other a bow drawn. After a few paces, one yells, “STOP, criminal!” Right then the surrounding area suddenly becomes black but as quickly daylight is restored. Sythe has gone, Mel has moved off to the side, and Thaddeus is crouched. There is a crashing sound behind them, as a figure has tripped over a stall.

Once more a thick darkness surrounds the area, and once more daylight is restored. The archer releases an arrow which sails by Thaddeus to crack at the feet of the figure behind him, releasing a gas that causes him to choke. “Please help me,” is all he has time to beg before going limp.

The men identify themselves as bounty hunters, produce permits, and wait for the guard to come. (giving the unconscious man a kick in his side and binding his arms) The Azure Watch shows up a few minutes later, handing the now-identified bounty hunters a bag which jingles full of coins, and he is carted off. But not before making it a point to securely gag the long-haired man, and kick him once more.

This is all too much for the ad-hoc guide to handle (indeed he hadn’t even so much as moved during the whole encounter) and he sets off quickly to return to work. So the group, once joined by Sythe who had taken to the shadows, continues onward. However, they still can’t find Elle’s, although there is a place called ‘The Empty Grave’ and they try that.



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