For a Few Gold Pieces More

Look Shaggy, a Clue.

aka our group goes investigating

The party decides to see if they can figure out who poisoned Captain Fenn. They make a list of all the places on the Albers that has not been searched: their own quarters, the hold, the store room where Tomas is using, and as Vincenz points out, the brig. They start with the brig first, Vincenz apologizing for not wanting to return to his old ‘accommodations.’ Mel pokes around, but doesn’t find anything. Thaddeus checks the band’s room, going through everyone’s belongings. Selene comes in and interrupts him, but he explains himself. Thaddeus doesn’t discover anything apparent, although he does come across the journal Sythe had borrowed from Peden. It seems to have notes in the side made in her own hand, however as they’re in Elven, he doesn’t know what they say.

This leaves the hold, so the sword hands go to ask Captain Huxley for permission. The visibly nervous new captain has his hand near the cutlass when they go into his quarters, and denies their request. His explanation is that the goods are in his custody, but not legally his, so he cannot let anyone other than their rightful legal owners go in. He does admit that if the rest of the crew finds out that the hold is being searched, it could upset them.

Mel asks Old Pete what the party should do; whether it is right to go against the orders of the captain. The sea dog explains that while he always follows orders, the party is not truly part of the crew- they’re hired for the journey but to protect the ship. And as such they should do whatever it takes to ensure that.

So they hatch a plan to break into the hold. Logan is still very much feeling sick, but Vincenz offers his assistance and using magic, opens the padlock. The party sets up watchers and then Sythe and Thaddeus go in to have a look around. “Within lie various crates filled with wares ordered by the next port’s merchants, such as bolts of thick cloth, containers of spice, and various glassware products.” They eventually discover one that is partially opened. Inside are “ornate alchemical bottles packed in straw. Several of these bottles appear to have shattered.” The straw packing absorbed a lot of this liquid, but two bottles remain intact.

The bottles and packing are brought out for inspection. Vincenz suggests that at least one is of a ‘venomous nature’ but also finds a raised seal on the bottom of both vials. The party tries to come up with ways to see what this is; soot, candle wax, etc. Finally, Mel borrows some ink from Tomas, and they use parchment from Peden’s journal to press the inked surface into. A small symbol can be seen. Thaddeus identifies this as the marker for the Empty Grave- the tavern back in Sasserine.

{MEDIUM Minor Party Goal of 50 XP for this}


The investigation into the original Captain’s unnatural death had gotten sidetracked, and I was wondering if the players would return to that part of the plot. Luckily for the story, they not only did but made some progress doing so.

Look Shaggy, a Clue.

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