For a Few Gold Pieces More

The ties that bind become frayed

aka the Albers crew talks openly of mutiny

The party wakes up late the next morning. Mel talks to Old Pete about the Sea Maiden, and the aged crewmember has heard of the ship being lost. He recounts what was believed of the ship- ‘namely that it was destroyed in a violent storm somewhere around these parts. After being prodded, he also remembered that an eclipse preceded the storm.

{LIGHT Minor Party Goal of 20 XP for this}

Meanwhile Thaddeus attempts to lift spirits with, well, spirits. He breaks out some mugs and ale, and with Peden’s help, offers them to the crew as they come in for a meal. Some openly state that they don’t trust any of the swordhands and refuse the drink. But both Huxley and Tomas sit for awhile. Huxley admits to being unsure as to what to do and worried about the state of the ship. Tomas is very glad to be taken a break and confides his plan to serve aboard a ‘dream vessel’ once they leave port. Problem though- the disappearance of the night crew has cause the Albers to drift at least a day off-course.

{EASY Minor Party Goal of 30 XP for this}

Interrupting the morale-boost are sounds of an argument. Shouts come from below deck, so the party goes to investigate. ‘Several of the crewmembers hold both Huxley and Ox from each other. Ox hurls fearsome threats at Huxley, calling him a murderer and a traitor as he points at Captain Fenn’s missing glass eye staring out from Huxley’s cabin trunk. Huxley shouts back that he didn’t put it there.’

More of the crew come down.

‘Some of them, led by Ox, shout that Huxley should be thrown in the hold or worse; others, like Old Pete stand by their new captain.’ Thaddeus points out that anyone could have placed the eye into Huxley’s trunk dispersing the potential combat. But the crew is obviously now distrustful of each other. ‘The mood above deck changes.’ {LIGHT MINOR GOAL OF 20 XP for this}

In the words of Vincenz, “It looks like things are getting even more interesting.”



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