For a Few Gold Pieces More

Under New Management

aka, The city guidebook needs updating.

The group enters the little establishment and takes a seat at the table closest to the hearth. The proprietor, Gregor, is anxious to serve them- once he sees the coins produced by Syeth. The menu is still from Elle’s, so Syeth proceeds to order up a mini feast for her and the others. Rabbit sausages, roasted chicken, sugar waffles, cheese pudding pies, eggs & diced vegetables. To be washed down with some Elf’s Apple cider.

Right on time, Huxley and Captain Fenn arrive. Fenn makes says a few times that ”’The Albers ain’t no pleasure cruise.’” Despite still no being secure with the three would-be sell swords, the two seamen seem happy to at least partake of a fine meal. Fenn mentions Elle’s policy for ‘adventuring types: tell a story, win a meal.’

The tavern’s work seems mainly to be done by young Peden, whom the party later learns is the nephew of Gregor. Most of Gregor’s anger is directed to the boy, and he is “constantly ordering Peden about, and ‘complains how shiftless and lazy the boy is.’ Syeth eventually seeks to stop the yelling at Peden, to which Gregor apologizes in horrible Elven. Syeth replies in kind, that they have no need for more food. Gregor responds again, “his Elvish accent is atrocious,” parroting ‘more food, more food’ and a short while later proceeds to bring out, food. The misunderstanding is then played out, with Gregor’s anger becoming apparent, before he offers to make amends. ”’Please, gracious guests, do me the honor of tasting this fine vintage, prepared from my own humble vineyard.’”

Everyone, led by an enthusiastic Thaddeus, takes a round and then the trouble begins.



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