about 5 and a half feet tall and 150 lbs. (her wings are 50 lbs – dc20 to spot under her cloak) long blue hair with green,black and purple streaks. she is dressed head to toe in black with the exception being a purple spider silk sash with a matching scabbard with which she has a Elven court blade. Harder to notice she has amber eyes and pale gray skin. most of the time she is a hooded figure. she is well groomed and dislikes when she is unclean.


Abandoned at birth in the depths of a cavern know as the endless cavern by my mother, I had no chance at life but fate has other plans for my I was found buy a drow out cast,( out cast by the high priest of loath but why she did not know.) I was taken deeper in to the dark and raise by her she was a hard and good mentor always cruel with her punishments and her lectures. I learned that i most perserve my self above all others and that they are my pones to move about as if they where pieces upon a game board. my mentor was named sawl of darlitha, she was killed by the drow and so i saved my self and excaped. while with her that 80 years i learned the secrets of the darkness and that of spiders and those of the drow.

only in the last year of two have i been working as a merchant. When out of the blue one of the other merchants notice that I have wings and a ranger stats firing arrows at me as soon as that rat stated spouting off, I sapose I had a tail for a while, so I drove my blade and as i jumped over his counter i slashed his thorut and grabbed his pouch of coins under the counter. leaving quickly I spilled yet another merchants nuts over casing quite a mess and because of that i was able to get a way.


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