For a Few Gold Pieces More

Anywhere but here
aka, Getting the hell out of Dodge.

Three individuals come onto the Azure District’s docks one late morning, each seemingly eager to leave the city post haste. They consist of a small male halfling, a Dwarf, and a lithe female figure. Unfortunately for them, activity is low, as winter in Sasserine does not offer much in the way of ocean outlets and transportation is limited.

Other than a few whaling ships hoping for one last kill, there are only 3 vessels looking as if they might leave before the weather thaws. The small group goes to the dock of each seeking passage. The first ship is the Mellveil, and its excited captain Shadwik will be going sea serpent hunting because “everyone knows these beasts ‘carry great treasure within their bellies.’ Finding one is ‘like faling into a mithril mine.’” When asked if he has ever actually killed one to prove this rumor, Shadwik admits that, “I haven’t yet, but I’m getting close!” Then he shows off some peculiar looking scratches on the side of the hull…

The dwarf in the group is eager to sign onto the Mellveil but Shadwick is still several sailors short of ‘Lucky 13.’ Yet Shadwik is confident he will “soon find more brave souls looking for glory and gold,” and then depart when he does. This is in sharp contrast to the few crew already on deck, at least one of whom is missing an arm while another appears to be carrying on a conversation with his mop.

The hooded female figure heads down to the ship on the far end, a larger almost galleon-esque craft. The boarding plank is guarded by two men at arms who ready their short spears when she approaches the ‘Far Reaching Justice.’ One of the lieutenants is summoned and in no nonsense terms explains that the current mission is to track down the pirate captain Alabaster and destroy her lead ship, The Bloody Smile. Between both the lawful and perhaps too good nature, our female figure demures, moving to the middle ship where the other 2 members have already gone.

This “venerable but seaworthy vessel” is the Albers. A “handsome blond man steps forward to greet them” and introduces himself as First Mate Huxley. After a brief inspection, Huxley is obviously unsure of any of the group’s qualifications as sell-swords. Although he is impressed when the Dwarf dips a mug into the ocean and then makes the sea water drinkable. So Huxley agrees to have Captain Fenn meet them all at Elle’s Tavern later on that evening. The Dwarf, very confident in knowing where the establishment, says he can get everyone there and they proceed off.


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